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Underwater Epoxy Systems

Long Island Manufacturer of Epoxies

Delta Polymers is a dedicated supplier of high-quality epoxy resins, which includes the manufacturing and sale of underwater epoxy systems. As a custom manufacturer of epoxies, we can get you exactly what you need. For more information about the epoxies we manufacture, please reach out to us today. Request a quote for information on pricing.

Contact Delta Polymers

When you reach out, we can discuss with you the various options available to you, along with their price points. We proudly supply customers across Long Island, as well as throughout the United States. Get the best epoxy resins when you turn to Delta Polymers. We have years of experience manufacturing all types of epoxies, including salt water epoxies, marine epoxies, pool epoxy and much more!

Why Use Underwater Epoxy Systems?

Why do people use underwater epoxy systems? For starters, when concrete is saturated with or submerged in water, underwater epoxy systems can be used to permanently set threaded rods, studs, and rebar to reinforce the area. These systems form a weather-resistant chemical bond that seals out moisture and resists vibration and dynamic loads better than your mechanical anchors. Commonly, you will find that underwater epoxy systems are commonly used in marine applications and offshore platforms. Aquariums also use underwater epoxy systems to seal all surfaces, making them waterproof and safe for visitors.

One of the great benefits of these epoxy coatings is that they offer great UV, heat, and abrasion resistance to the materials when you apply them properly. On top of that, these epoxy systems can effectively prevent corrosion, making the area of use safer for pedestrians. Using these epoxies as a sealant, you can protect different surfaces, such as pipelines, metal, floors, countertops, and equipment parts.

Lastly, underwater epoxy systems dry quickly, which makes them easy to use. There is no set time for these systems to dry, as the actual drying time varies depending on the product and usage. Each underwater epoxy system dries at different rates. When it cures, it forms a durable plastic-like material that will give you all of the aforementioned benefits. A smart choice for any company or business that needs to protect against salt water.

Drawbacks of Underwater Epoxy Systems

We mostly see positives when using underwater epoxy systems, but there are some drawbacks that users need to consider when using this material. Some epoxies can be sensitive to UV light and can yellow over time when exposed to sunlight. If this is the case, then sealing these areas will better protect the epoxy system. Giving it a longer lasting effect.


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