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Garage Paint Manufacturer

Long Island, New York Garage Paint Manufacturer

There are a lot of steps involved when you want to paint a garage floor. This is a quick rundown of the process in case you are looking for some tips to help. We are a nationwide distributor of epoxies to use for the flooring of commercial and residential garages. Learn the tricks of the trade and paint your garage floor like a pro!

How To Paint a Garage Floor

Before we get to the cleaning of the floor, we must first note that if you have any old paints or sealers on the floor to remove them. You can do this with a chemical stripper of some kind. Once you get down to the bare concrete floor, then you can begin cleaning and preparing to paint the floor.

Concrete is very porous. So it easily collects dirt and grime. Which means the best way to clean the floor is with a power washer or floor buffing machine. Please, do not skip this part! If your pressure washer allows it, we recommend adding a degreaser to the water, too. This allows the cleaning to cut through the grime more effectively. Then allow the floor to dry.

However, you can still effectively clean the floor without a power washer. As an alternative, you can use a scrubbing brush with stiff bristles and a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. This simply requires a little more work, but can be just as effective. When cleaning, use either a degreaser or laundry detergent for added cleaning power. For floors that are extra dirty, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes before giving it a final scrubbing. But not too long! Do not let the cleaning solution dry on the concrete.

Fill In Any Cracks

When the floor is clean, then look out for the cracks. You must fill them. For smaller cracks, you can use a concrete/mortar repair compound. We have a nice selection of concrete repair compounds for sale that work great! However, for thicker cracks or holes you will need a concrete patch, which we also sell!

For deeper cracks, you will need to fill it in gradually with layers. Allowing enough time for it to dry between layers. When you get to the end of this process, wipe any access filler with a wet rag or a scraper. This is to level the crack and create a smooth surface. Once this is done and dried, you can move onto the next step. There are a few more things to think about before you can paint the garage floor.

Etch the Floors

Etching the floors depends on the surface of the garage. For some you can skip this step. What etching does is basically open up the pores of the garage floor to allow the paint to absorb better. You can test the floor if you need to etch it. To do this, drop a small amount of water onto the floor and see how quickly the floor absorbs it. If the floor absorbs it quickly, then you can skip etching. However, if the water pools on the surface for a while, then we recommend etching. Allow to dry thoroughly before moving on.

Primer Application

Applying primer is par-for-the-course when it comes to painting a garage floor. The primer allows for the paint to better stick to the garage floor. To apply the primer, you can simply use a roller. For the edges, you can use a paint brush. When applying, the primer looks milky, but it will dry clear. Depending on the type of primer, check how long it needs to sit before moving on to paint your garage floor.

Paint Garage Floor

Now we finally get to the painting of the garage floor! Depending on the paint and how you want the garage floor to look, you can add either one or two coats of paint. If you decide on two coats, then of course wait a sufficient amount of time to apply the second coat. And when you get to applying that second coat, apply it going in a different direction for the best results. What we mean is that if you applied the first coat lengthwise, then we suggest applying the second coat widthwise. Once you are done painting, then check to see how long until you can start walking and using it. It may be longer than you think!

Custom Garage Paint Manufacturer

Delta Polymers is a New York custom manufacturer of garage paint. And we distribute this material to outlets throughout the USA. Custom ordering available. For more information about our epoxy products, please reach out to us today.

Contact Delta Polymers

We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the materials we sell. Please give our office a call by dialing (631) 254-6240. We can go over all the benefits available to you with the use of this product.

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