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Our Mission

Quality Epoxy Resin Coatings & Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives • Epoxy Flooring • Epoxy Coatings • Epoxy Paint • Underwater Epoxy Systems • Epoxy Garage Floor Covering • Electrically Conductive Epoxy and much more...

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our epoxy adhesive, flooring, paint and coating customers, to inspire and reward our employees, and to provide superior results to our clients. We are here to offer you the highest quality epoxy resin products, as well as the friendliest and most efficient service possible.

We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate with our customers to ensure the best possible result. We invite you to browse through our pages and learn how we keep our promise to produce only the best epoxy resin systems for our clients. For more information about any of our epoxy products, please contact us today. We will assist you with any questions you may have about anything you find on the site. Feel free to call our office as well. The number to dial is (800) 966-5142. When you call, we can give you a free consultation and quote!

What are Epoxy Resin Systems?

Delta Polymers NYEpoxy resin materials typically consist of two parts: an epoxy "resin" and an epoxy resin "hardener." When the epoxy resin and epoxy resin hardener are mixed together, a "covalent bond" is formed. This covalent bond is extremely strong and requires a substantial amount of energy to break. The time the epoxy resin takes to harden, or "cure," varies by product and results in polymers with different properties.

Some common uses of epoxy resins:

Epoxy Paint and Epoxy Coatings (including epoxy floor paint, epoxy concrete floor paint, epoxy primer, garage epoxy paint) - Epoxy paint and epoxy coatings prevent rust and corrosion (like Rustoleum Epoxy Shield).

Epoxy Flooring (including epoxy non-skid surface, Rustoleum garage floor epoxy, other epoxy garage floor covering materials, epoxy stone quartz, epoxy floor coating products) - Epoxy resins are used to produce high-performance epoxy surface materials that are long-lasting for tough environments. Examples are epoxy resin flooring for industrial locations and garages. Chemical resistant epoxies and moisture resistant epoxies contribute to durable flooring.

Epoxy Adhesives - Epoxies belong to a class of products known as "structural adhesives" or "engineering adhesives," which are used where high-strength bonding is required, such as in airplane manufacturing.

Industrial Tooling - Epoxy resins can be used to make molds to fabricate other products.

Electrical Systems and Electronics - Epoxies are used in the potting and encapsulation of electrical components.

Consumer and Marine Applications - Epoxy coatings are often employed in conjunction with polyurethane paint or varnishes to protect products from UV light. The strength and water resistance of epoxy adhesives make them ideal for boat repair. Underwater epoxy systems are found in marine manufacturing operations around the world.

Aerospace Applications - Epoxy resin can be used to impregnate fiber materials to form a structural matrix that is used in aerospace construction.

Art - Epoxy resin systems can be used as a decorative tool when mixed with pigment. See our epoxy resins color chart.

Wind Energy Applications - Through Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTIM), epoxy resin is favored for the manufacture of rotor blades in wind turbines.

New York Epoxy Manufacturer

Browse our online product listings at left to learn more about the epoxy resins that Delta Polymers supplies. Call our Long Island Epoxy Resin manufacturing facility in North Bay Shore, New York, to find out what Delta Polymers can do for you: (800) 966-5142.

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