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Flooring Epoxies

USA Distributor of Epoxy Flooring Products

Delta Polymers offers a variety of epoxy flooring products, including chemical-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and steam-cleanable types. Epoxy flooring systems consist of primer, base coat (mortar bed) and top coat.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

metallic epoxy floor can be very beautiful and elegant looking for a variety of settings. Nice restaurants and showrooms utilize this sort of flooring to make the room unique. Flooring epoxies will add a new look and feel to your business.

At Delta Polymers, we supply a great variety of metallic epoxy flooring products for you to choose from and turn any room into a much more appealing location.

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Delta Polymers has years of experience in the epoxy industry. We proudly provide the highest quality epoxy flooring products for homes and businesses in New York and Long Island. These epoxies can be used for the repair of a garage floor, among many other different tasks, and provide users with a wide array of benefits.

For more information about any of our epoxy flooring products, please reach out to us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our line of products. Please call (800) 966-5142 to learn more about our flooring epoxies. We can also provide more information about our garage floor repair services and metallic epoxy floor. We look forward to helping you.

Our epoxy products can be used for a variety of applications. And since we are an in-house manufacturer, we make custom ordering simple and easy. Check out our selection below:

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