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Resinous Flooring 100% solid epoxy flooring system consisting of primer, base coat (mortar bed) and top coat



Company specializing in application of resinous flooring systems with minimum of five years experience.

Regulatory Requirements

Epoxy system should conform to N.Y.S and N.Y.C building codes.

Environmental Requirements

  1. Do not install flooring system when temperature is below 40°F. It should be at least 40°F and rising. Ideal conditions are between 60°F-80°F.
  2. Ventilation should be provided during installation.
  3. Provide uniform lighting at the installation site.
  4. For 24-hours do not walk on the floor.


Provide one year warranty for material and labor from the acceptance date by the owner.


Delta Polymers, Inc, Bay Shore, NY or equal.


  1. PolyKrete-200 Epoxy liquid binder
  2. PolyKrete-3300 Epoxy penetrating sealer.
  3. PolyCoat Top coat clear or pigmented.

Colors and Texture

  1. Colors as specified.
  2. Texture as specified: Fine, Medium, Coarse

Surface Preparation

Concrete surface should be structurally strong. Remove dirt, dust, oil, grease, loose paint by using blast track or scarifier.


Chase around the drains, at the doors and the areas where it does not abut against the vertical surface.

Surface Priming

PolyKrete-3300 Epoxy Primer should be applied at the rate of 75-100 sq.ft./gallon. Broadcast light sand into the primer so that the next coat will give it a proper bond. Primer should be applied only to dry surfaces. In case of dampness or wet surfaces apply PolyKrete-200 as the primer at 75-100 sq.ft./gallon.

Floor Installation

Mix PolyKrete-200, 2 parts base to 1 part hardener. Mix thoroughly. For each mixed part epoxy add 2 parts of special aggregate (Emmery). Pour this mortar on the floor and spread it with the trowel at the required thickness 1/8" or 1/4". This mortar will self level. Broad cast more Emmery into the wet mortar. Allow to cure. Sweep up the excess aggregate and then repeat the above process. Required thickness of 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" can be achieved as specified or required according to the job conditions Apply the final coat "Top Coat" with PolyCoat which is highly chemical resistant and highly abrasion resistant. Final texture can be controlled by the size of the aggregates used and the top coat.

Data Sheets

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