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CRC 200

Epoxy Bonding Compound And Resurfacing Compound


CRC 200 is a 100% solid Superbond® epoxy system which is primarily used as a binder and resurfacing compound. A modified epoxy-amine system having unique properties featuring moisture insensitive, high strength, high modulus and load transfer. It has excellent bond to concrete, steel and wood. It meets ASTMC-881-87 Grade I class B&C Type I, II, IV & V.


  • Bonding new concrete to old concrete
  • Filling voids and joints in masonry
  • Grouting bolts, dowels and rebars
  • Patching and repairs


  • Long Pot Life
  • High Strength·Easy 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • 100% Solid·Easy to apply

Surface Preparation


Concrete should be structurally sound, free of dust, dirt, loose paint. All concrete surfaces should be blast tracked or scarified for the best results. New concrete should be etched with a 25% solution of muriatic acid and then rinsed with fresh water 3 times.


Steel surface should be free of dirt, dust, grease, oil or paint. The best results are achieved by sand blasting the steel to white metal.


Premix part-B hardener. Mix one part base part-A to one part hardener part-B by volume. Mix thoroughly until uniform color is achieved by scraping sides and bottom.


As a bonding agent: Mixed material can be applied by roller, brush, or spray. Fresh concrete should be applied before adhesive becomes tack free.

As a mortar

To each mixed part of PolyKrete - 300 add 3-4 parts of sand (Flint shot) and mix thoroughly. This mortar can be applied with a trowel.

Temperature Limitation

Do not apply below 40°F. The temperature should be 40°F and rising

Chemical Resistance

Uneffected by the following:

Nitric Acid 10% Sulfuric Acid 10% Hydrochloric Acid 30%
Citric Acid 15% Phosphoric Acid 85% Lactic Acid 25%
Sodium Hydroxide 30% Lye Mineral Spirit
Gasoline Fuel Oil Hydrolic Fluid
Alcohol Clorox


2 Gallon Units
4 Gallon Units
10 Gallon Units
100 Gallon Units

Data Sheets

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