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Under Water Coating

Hydroseal is a 100% solid two component epoxy system. Hydroseal systems are especially formulated for under water applications, such as for concrete piers and piles, as well as for sewage treatment plants.

It is recommended for both salt water and fresh water uses.


Uses of Hydroseal

  • Hydroseal Systems are intended for use on concrete and steel surfaces which are constantly or intermittently submerged in water or in splash zone areas.
  • Concrete Piers & Piles
  • Steel Sheet Piling
  • Wet Surface Applications
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Below Grade Flooring

1- Hydroseal: Protective coating for under water and above water application.

2- Hydroseal LV: Epoxy mortar binder and pressure grout for under water application.

3- Hydroseal Gel: Heavy paste material for vertical and overhead applications.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be prepared as follows:


Concrete surface should be sand blasted, aqua blasted, scarified. All the algae should be removed completely. New concrete can be acid etched with 15% Muriatic acid but mechanical means is the best way. Concrete surface should be free of dirt, grease, oil, loose paint. Concrete surface should be structurally sound.


Steel surface should be sand blasted to white metal with profile and should be Immediately coated with Hydroseal.


All coatings should be removed. Wood should be sanded and patched at seams.


Coating: Apply under water with roller or brush. Two coats of Hydroseal are recommended.

Hydroseal LV

Mortar: Hydroseal LV can be poured in place on horizontal surface or in preformed vertical surfaces. Hydroseal LV Mortar will displace the water and cure in place.

Hydroseal Gel

It can be applied by trowel or rubber gloves.

Aggregate Loading

Hydroseal · 3 Part Sand : 1 Part Mixed Epoxy.
Hydroseal LV · 4 Part Sand : 1 Part Mixed Epoxy.
Hydroseal Gel · 1 Part Sand : 1 Part Mixed Epoxy.


Coating: First coat 75-100 sq.ft./gallon, second coat 75-100 sq.ft./gallon.
Mortar: 231 cubicinches in one gallon. See the estimating chart.

Chemical Resistance

Hydroseal Systems are highly chemical resistant to salt water, fresh water, acids, alkalies, fungus, oils and fuels.

Data Sheets

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