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Two component 100% solid moisture insensitive epoxy system used in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete. It has an excellent bond to concrete, wood, steel, terracotta, and other materials.

Its mortar-like consistency makes it an excellent choice for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Selected aggregates are incorporated into the system.



  • Concrete repairs and patching
  • Levelling low spots in the concrete
  • Excellent coving material
  • Adhesive for tiles, mosaics and other materials

Surface Preparation


Surface should be free of oil, grease, loose paint and other contaminants. Concrete should be sanded, blast tracked and if new concrete it should be acid etched with 25% diluted Muriatic Acid and washed three times with fresh water. Holes or cracks in the concrete should be drilled or V'd out and free from dust, dirt or standing water.


Steel surfaces should be free from rust, grease, oil, and loose paint. Corroded surfaces should be at least wire brushed, preferably sand blasted to white metal.


Polypatch and Polypatch F.S. are very easy to use. Just mix one part base to one part hardner by volume for 2 to 3 minutes untill a uniform color is achieved.

Now you have an epoxy mortar mix which can be used as:

  • An Adhesive Mortar - Make sanitary coves. You can shape them any way you want. Polypatch can be sanded and over coated with little or no visible evidence of repair. You can use Polypatch for installing tiles.
  • A Sealer - At the juncture of walls and floors you can seal or cove with Polypatch. You can use Polypatch for thin surfacing and plastering over surfaces which are porus and require positive waterproofing.
  • A Filler - Use Polypatch for repair of cracks, voids, holes in concrete, brick, block, and masonry structures.

Polypatch mortars are easily smoothed by keeping application tools clean and slightly wetted with water. Caution: use very little water.

Clean your tools immediately with mineral spirit or xylol.


Polypatch is a multipurpose epoxy system which can be used with different substrates. Coverage will depend upon the conditions of the substrate. One gallon of mixed Polypatch is 231 cubic inches and will cover 6.4 sq. ft. at a thickness of 1/4".

Data Sheets

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