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PolyFlex 150

PolyFlex-150 is a 100% solid, moisture insensitive epoxy system. It is a low modulous, mortar binder for use as a mortar overlay over concrete, steel and steel grid decks. It can withstand mechanical and thermal movements.



  • Patching
  • Water Proofing
  • Sealing
  • Creating a non-skid floor topping
  • It can be used on dry, damp, or wet surfaces

Grades and Types

1- PolyFlex-150. For Horizontal Surfaces
2- PolyFlex-150 LV For application by Spray
3- PolyFlex-150 Gel For Vertical application


Insensitive · Flexible · Easy To Mix

Surface Preparation

Blast track or scarify the surface. Remove dirt, dust, grease, oil, soap or any other contaminants and coatings which may prevent proper bond. For concrete, rinse with 10% Muriatic acid. Wash thoroughly with fresh water.


Mix two parts of Base to one part Hardener by volume.

Data Sheets

Coming soon - Call (800) 966-5142 for more info or email info@deltapolymers.com

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