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Advantages: Moisture Insensitive • Low viscosity • No-shrinkage • Extremely high strength • Fast Curing • Fills cracks up to 0.005"



  • Grouting and pressure grouting.
  • Restoring structural and design strength to cracked concrete structures.
  • Prevents corrosion of reinforcing steel by preventing water contact and eliminates spalling of concrete initiated in cracks by freeze thaw cycles.
  • Concrete columns, bridge supporting members, concrete pipes, storage tanks, concrete walls, floors, foundations, aircraft runways, wood structures, sewage treatment plants etc.

Surface Preparation

Cracks should be clean, sound and free of all debris and dust.

Vertical Cracks

Install injection parts at appropriate intervals using PolyInjection Gel. Now inject the PolyInject by injection pump or 8 oz. Sem-Kits.

Horizontal Cracks

"Vee" out cracks. Pressure inject the PolyInject or gravity feed. PolyInject is available in 8 oz. Sem-Kits.

Data Sheets

Coming soon - Call (800) 966-5142 for more info or email info@deltapolymers.com

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