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Repair Concrete Garage Floor Spalling

Delta Polymers can help you repair concrete garage floor spalling with their great selection of resin products. We are a trusted supplier of epoxy resin systems and products to help repair a concrete floor. And we have spent decades manufacturing a wide range of epoxy resin and liquid epoxy resin products, as well as epoxy hardeners for construction, industrial maintenance, and marine customers worldwide. So when you turn to us for your materials, you can trust the results. This includes materials to repair spalling for a concrete garage floor. And since we are an in-house manufacturer, we make custom ordering what you need simple and easy. Located on Long Island, New York, our manufacturing center distributes to customers nationwide.

What is Spalling?

Spalling is the breakaway of a concrete surface, which may extend to the top layers of any reinforcing steel that is present. Spalls vary in diameter and can be more than 150 mm in diameter and 25 mm or more in depth. But these spalls can also be quite small.

The spalling of concrete can affect all sorts of structures, such as buildings, multi-story car parks, bridges, and jetties. When spalling occurs, it leaves the concrete surface patchy and pitted while also exposing any aggregate underneath.

So, as soon as you spot any spalling on your concrete garage floor, it is important to repair it right away. If you let it linger, then you are risking further compromise of the surface and a weaker integrity. This can be a dangerous situation.

Causes of Concrete Spalling

When it comes to spalling on concrete, there are a few different reasons why it happens. Let's take a look at some of those causes.

  • Freeze and thaw cycle.
  • Corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel. The rust may begin to occupy more volume than the original steel and the resultant pressure spalls the concrete.
  • Fire exposure.
  • The quality of concrete covering the reinforcing steel is poor.
  • Internal expansive pressure in the concrete, which results in spalling of concrete.
  • Not enough depth of cover of the reinforcement.
  • Joint spalls caused by improperly constructed joints.
  • A bond failure due to differences in shrinkage between topping and base courses of concrete. Such as the drying of the bonding grout before the topping concrete is placed.

How to Prevent Concrete Spalling

When it comes to preventing concrete spalling, there are some things you can do to help.

  • In order to prevent water from entering the concrete, apply a good water sealant to the finished surface. We sell waterproofing membranes that will get the job done.
  • When mixing concrete, prevent any excess water in it since that extra water may lead to concrete spalling.
  • Early-entry dry-cut prevents spalling in a concrete floor slab.
  • When pouring concrete, make sure you adequately cover everything you need since not covering the reinforced steel and joints properly leads to eventual spalling.

Manufacturer of Repair Products for Concrete Garage Floor Spalling

We are a trusted manufacturer of resins and products to help with the repair of spalling for concrete garage floors. Or any concrete structure in general. One of the best products we sell to help is Polyinject. It offers high strength with little shrinkage. You can use it for both vertical and horizontal cracks, as well as grouting and pressure grouting. It helps to restore structural and design strength of whatever structure is in repair. As well as prevents further corrosion of reinforcing steeling by preventing water contact and eliminating the spalling of concrete that is initiated in crack by freeze and thaw cycles.

Contact Delta Polymers

For more information about any of the resin repair products we sell, please reach out to our office today. The number for our office is (800) 966-5142 or you can email us at info@deltapolymers.com. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our products. Get reliable resin repair products to help with spalling concrete for garage floors and any other concrete structure.

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