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Salt Water Resistant Epoxy Coatings & Paints

When it comes to using a salt resistant paint, knowing the surface you are going to cover in a salt environment is crucial. It will decide for you the type of epoxy coating you may need to use. Materials like lumber, masonry, concrete and structural steel all have different surfaces and require different paints and coatings in order to properly seal and withstand the exposure to salt air.

And it is important to understand that you might need more than one type of epoxy due to the different kinds of materials around the first structure. If the surface you are planning to coat is exposed to salt water, then you will likely need to take some preemptive measures in order to obtain a strong enough layer for the seal or coating to counteract the constant exposure to salt water and air. Once you know what sort of coating you need, you will be able to effectively protect the surface.

However, if the structure or surface already has corrosion damage and rust from the salt environment, you cannot simply add a new coating or paint. You will need to clean and/or strip the surface. If you apply coatings to a damaged surface, then the new layers simply will not adhere properly.

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Types of Salt Resistant Paint For Sale

If you live or work in an area near the coastline, then you already know that you have to constantly be on the lookout for damage to your structures. It can be a daunting task to make sure that the salt air and water do not corrode your commercial building. However, with the right tools and materials on hand, you can safely protect the surfaces around salt water and make them resistant to corrosion. You just need to know the right coating to use.

Here are some paints that are salt water resistant. We have a full selection of coats and paints that may apply.

  • Hydroseal: especially formulated for under water applications. They are recommended for both salt water and fresh water uses.
  • Polykrete 222: It is used as a coating, resurfacing or repair in areas where low down time is required.
  • Marine Epoxy 100: Resistance to saltwater makes it great for fresh and salt water marine flooring.
  • Polyseal: Is a polyurethane joint sealant with high flexibility retained over a wide range of temperatures and offers excellent resistance to deicing salts.

If you are not sure which sort of coating material to use for your surface or structure, then please reach out to us today. Our expert staff can discuss your needs and provide you with the paints and coatings that will work best.

Effect of Salt Contamination on Coating Performance

Salt contamination can adversely affect the performance of any coating material. In general, salts can affect the coating in one of two ways.

First, salt can accelerate corrosion of the underlying steel surface. This is when dissolved salt solutions can accelerate the oxidation of steel, which results in an undercutting of the coating. Of course, corrosion can occur without the presence of salt, but the rate increases when salt is there.

Second, salt can act as a cause of osmotic blistering. The presence of soluble salts can cause blistering of a coating when moisture permeates through the original coating film and dissolves. Trapping the water underneath the coating. So, it essentially acts as a membrane between the salt solution outside the coating and a concentrated salt solution underneath the coating. So depending on your situation, the effect the salt has on the surface may differ. But you can purchase the right sealer, paint or coating from Delta Polymers and prevent these issues from happening.

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